Gov. Rauner and State House and Senate Republicans are once again trying to blame Democrats for actually doing the work of the hardworking people of Illinois. This shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, but the disinformation campaign will likely work for many downstate voters stressed by low wages, struggling economies, and high property taxes.

By using coded words like “eventually” and “balanced budget,” the Republican propaganda machine is hard at work to distort reality yet again. The Governor has never submitted a SINGLE balanced budget, as required by our state constitution. The word “eventually” actually means they’re making gross assumptions.

Illinois has one of the most egregious and outdated tax systems in the country. We don’t tax 70% of the economy. That’s why property taxes are so high.

It’s easy to blame this all on spending. Why bother with fixing our flat tax model?

The flat tax places all the burdens on the working poor, the middle class, property owners, and small businesses. The flat tax also allows the richest in Illinois to pay an effective rate that is FAR below what any other taxpayer or business owner pays. Further, their effect property tax rates are lower as well due to caps on the value taxed.

If Republicans were serious about balanced budgets, the Governor would have submitted three in the last three years. He’s not even signed into law ONE, let alone submit ANY.

All their efforts have done is continue to make downstate communities suffer at their ineffectual leadership and inefficient use of the time given to them while in office.

Don’t buy the excuses. Check their privilege and challenge their incumbency.


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