This is what the Republicans passed today, disguising it as American Health Care, when it actually shreds protections.

A) rids millions of their healthcare coverage

B) destroys pre-existing condition coverage

C) makes costs for the elderly skyrocket

D) ends the bans on lifetime and annual benefit limits gave all Americans with healthcare coverage

E) guts Medicaid funding (which hurts the states and the most vulnerable Americans)

F) gives a massive $346 billion tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.

G) cuts all funding for Planned Parenthood (which hurts women, children, and pregnant mothers)

Bravo, Republicans!

Oh, and who is exempt from the pre-existing condition clause? Congress.

How Brave! At least they’re fat cat donors will have more money in their pockets to gobble up more small companies so they can raise prices, donate more money to politicians, and takeaway more of your rights.

LA Times Article


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