Well, the GOP has targeted hard working Americans once again. This time, they’ve quickly passed an overhaul of our nation’s overtime rules. You have to work for an employer for 12 continuous months and at least 1,000 hours for these rules to apply to you. Also, you cannot accrue more than 80 hours of paid time off through this new system.
If the employer or the employee doesn’t keep strict records as to the amount of overtime hours worked/accrued, or the employer alters the records after an employee is fired, laid off, or becomes disabled or ill, then the employee may lose those accrued time-off hours or be forced to fight the employer in court.
Besides those rather obvious drawbacks to HR 1180, there are more concerning issues under the surface. An employer may prefer to allow employees who opt into this new system to work overtime over those employees who wish to be paid overtime instead of accrue time off pay. There is a specific clause that would allow any employer to force an employee to work even when time off was requested, thus forfeiting their pay from overtime work.
This should concern most hard working Americans. It should concern the GOP, but it does not. My own representative, Rep. Shimkus, voted for this bill. He has stopped co-sponsoring really nasty bills like this, but he still votes for them, especially when there is no chance for the public to weigh in before a vote on the floor.
The GOP needs to allow the public to learn about what it’s pushing through in Washington, D.C. Their constituents deserve to know what they are doing to screw them out of pay for the work they’re doing to pay their bills.

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