Amazingly enough, the second 100 days will be an assault on equality, equity, and actual freedom.

The separation of church and state is an ideal that is under direct threat. The reality that some within our government and country wish to scapegoat their religion to discriminate and alienate others should be concerning to us all. However, many people are being misled by their church and political leadership that their religious freedom is somehow being infringed upon, despite the reality that they exercise that religious freedom on a daily basis if they so choose.

What they wish to do is to expand our country’s religious holidays, federally mandated I might add, and expand our country’s present tax exempt status to churches to include political contributions, which they can donate to any political campaign or PAC of their choice.

This is all predicated on the so-called War on Christianity and Christmas perpetrated by fake news sites like angrypatriot and Russian propaganda artists. There is no such war.

Simply because someone happens to greet you with “Happy Holidays” is not an assault on your religious freedom or your religion’s holidays. It’s that person’s choice. You can accept it or not. That is your choice.

The fact that the religious majority in this country with churches of every flavor and stripe on nearly every corner and certainly in every county, town, and city in America believe their religious freedom and liberty needs to be forced down every person that walks into their businesses, every employee they hire, is not just ridiculous, it’s unAmerican. It goes against the very founding of our country.

Just because you disagree with someone based on your religion, doesn’t mean you get to force your religious ideology on them, their families, and their lives. That’s how they do things in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere in the world. We are not Iran. We are not Saudi Arabia.

This is America, where our rights are actually protected by the First Amendment. Not the right to discriminate, but to avoid being discriminated against.

The real war here is the War on common decency and respect.


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