My thoughts on labor and unions

I grew up in the 80s in Sullivan. My father owned a small business, an auto body shop. When the unions were busted by Reagan and big business, the region never recovered and the community suffered as a direct result. I’ve been defending unions and fighting against right to work legislation wherever I’ve been. Many of my closest friends and colleagues are state workers. My extended family has many who thrived in union jobs.

We need to strengthen unions wherever and whenever we can. Right to work is another reframe by the far right to make the working poor and middle class get behind another failed policy that will only drive down wages and decrease their rights.

I often hear people tear down teachers for their unions and pensions. Mostly, this is due to a misinformation campaign by the far right and big business. Teachers don’t receive Social Security when they retire, so they depend on their pensions. Educating constituents on these simple but often confusing issues is the role of any candidate or elected official.


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